[place:ship] is a vessel for the on-going exploration of civic spaces. Intrigue by the notions of place, space, time, environment & ownership, [place:ship] strives to better understand the various places people call home. Though the development of tools, installations, documents & eventsβ€” [place:ship] aims to address real life concerns surrounding civic spaces while helping to improve the very same environments synchronously.

Founded by Kevin Van Lierop in 2005, [place:ship] has been an informal but ongoing endeavour that has explored the concepts of: place, space and time through various temporary publications & installations. Over time, [place:ship] has become more formally defined in order to develop a better and comprehensive understanding of the civic spaces & environments we inhabit through systematic & thought provoking work.

Situated in London, Canada, [place:ship] welcomes collaborations from around the globe.