Rochester, New York

Home of the Garbage Plate.

Mid-sized American cities are not what they once were. Or, at least that is what we are led to believe. If you take the time to visit, engage with, and immerse yourself with the culture of what were once the lifeblood of the American dream you will find that these cities still have lots going for them. These places are taking on new identities of what a mid-sized city should be.

A weekend wasted away in Rochester, New York provides a wholly worthwhile and rewarding experience. Whether you are a group of guys just looking to explore, and to find craft beer and spirits along the way; or a family that is seeking out elements of play and good wholesome food—this city, the birthplace of Kodak, Western Union, and French’s, and still home to the Garbage Plate, is a sleeper city—one that offers any visitor more than initially meets the eye.