Hamilton Road

Places called home.

From a young age, I have found myself making trips to the Hamilton Road Neighbourhood on a regular basis. From having fish and chips at Bob’s— now gone; getting my hair cut— from the same person, age 2 to 25; to eating some old fashioned Italian food from Duffy’s Cove— also gone. I have some memorable moments etched in my mind from this stretch of road and its surrounding community.

Now, as life has become busier, I do not find myself returning to this area as much as I once did. When I do venture back to this part of town, one which provided me so much as I was growing up, I often make the trip by foot. Walking to Hamilton Road from my home provides an opportunity to experience this part of my broader community in a new light. As I walk my pace of life slows and my eyes open to what place can mean in the context of the everyday elements which surround us.

Documented over an hour-long walk through the neighbourhood, I wanted to capture something about the area; the things that always catch my attention and captivate my senses. While not exhaustive by any means, this collection of images is a beginning point to better understanding the unique spaces and places that this neighbourhood has to offer.

While to some this set of images may illustrate the deserted and desolate spaces of a community neglected by the city, to me they are examples of the spaces we interact with on a daily basis.