Why Block Party in a Box?

A manifesto for gathering in the name of neighbourliness.

We all reside on some type of street and whether we live in an apartment, a detached house, or townhome, we all have amazing people we call our neighbours. But when was the last time we got together with them simply to party?

While we may exchange daily pleasantries with our neighbours, occasionally get together for an evening out with one another, or arrange play dates for our children, we don’t often get together as an entire block, street, neighbourhood or community simply to socialize and celebrate.

The process of trying to plan a block party can be an onerous one. Designing posters, completing checklists, organizing potlucks, and planning games, events, and entertainment all take time. These responsibilities are in addition to the process of applying for city permits and making sure that the party is a safe one.

"What if the process of planning and executing a block party was a little easier than it currently is?""

There are lots of things to take care of, and when time and energy aren’t in abundance there often isn’t an opportunity to plan a party when one might be needed most. What if the process of planning and executing a block party was a little easier than it currently is? What if we didn’t have to worry about the checklists, activities, and all the mundane work, and could focus on having a good time?

Learned over the course of planning large-scale urban-based events, I came to understand that while some cities may have ‘open street’ days, and some established and organized neighbourhoods might have yearly gatherings, not every street may be lucky enough to have their own personalized and local block party.

“I wanted to be able to help every street plan their own party. I knew there had to be a better and easier way.”

I dreamt of a tool that would not only provide the support needed for families, single parents, seniors etc., to plan their own block party, but one that would be scalable to reach blocks, streets, neighbourhoods, and communities around the globe.

Block Party in a Box

Recognizing that we don’t often get together simply to socialize and celebrate with one another, I envisioned Block Party in a Box as a resource kit that could be used by anyone wanting to plan a block party for their street, community, or neighbourhood.

With pre-made posters, checklists, games, and other resources, Block Party in a Box was created to allow anything that wanted to plan and execute a block party with everything they needed to do so, all without breaking a sweat.

Available as a free download, Block Party in a Box has been downloaded by citizens from around the globe.

Less about the actual toolkit and more about encouraging and enabling residents to be more active in their neighbourhoods, Block Party in a Box acts as a catalyst for community interactions and relationship building.