Official Passport the trees of the Carolinian Forest.

Inspired by Bill Hodgson’s tree sculptures, I wanted to compile a guide that would let visitors & tourists experience the trees in an interactive and meaningful way.

The (metal) Trees of the Carolinian Forest have, at times, received some unfortunate local press and they are often misunderstood and under-appreciated by many residents of the Forest City. Having a strong affection for traditional paper maps and an appreciation for Hodgson’s work, I wanted to capture this public art installation in a way that would allow people to engage with the sculptures and the downtown core where they are located.

The ”Official” Passport to the Trees of the Carolinian Forest was a mini-guide that when torn from a notepad could be folded and used as a guide for a walking tour of the sculpture collection.


  • 11” x 4.25” (expanded)
  • 3.6” x 4.25” (folded)
  • double-sided
  • black & white
  • limited edition run of 1000

Download Print-at-Home

👉 Downtown the print-at-home passport (pdf)

In Situ

Maps were available on some of the metal trees, at various public locations and at some of the more unique downtown retailers.