Visible Storage Project

A digital engagement platform. 🖼️

Encouraging a greater depth of user interaction, the digital platform I designed created more meaningful visitor experiences in a highly traditional cultural environment.

The Visible Storage Project was designed as an online engagement platform to supplement an installation of more than 100 works of art primarily focused on London artists but featuring many of the great works of Canadian art from Museum London’s vaults.

Allowing visitors to access in-depth information about many of the works using their smartphones or iPads available from the museum, the Visible Storage Project’s primary goal is to help visitors gain a further understanding of the exhibit and its cultural significance. Additional on-site kiosks, located in the physical gallery space, provide visitors with a richer understanding of the works displayed and the opportunity to leave thoughts and comments or share the content through social media.

Integrated into existing systems, the the Visible Storage Project blends creativity & technology while laying on top of the traditional exhibit, providing an enhanced visitor experience and more engaging learning opportunities.

What I Accomplished

  1. Designed as an online engagement platform, scalable to be used across all exhibits at Museum London, since its initial development the Visible Storage Project platform has been utilized and licensed by other cultural institutions, generating enhanced visitor experiences across their organizations and target communities.
  2. Drafting a comprehensive implementation plan to leverage the online engagement platform, I compiled a series of complimentary recommendations for on-site space planning enhancements and alterations that provided for optimal engagement opportunities for museum visitors.
  3. Digitally enhancing Museum London’s permanent collection, the Visible Storage Project has created more engaging visitor experiences for both on-site visitors as well as visitors from abroad. The online engagement platform I designed has increased traffic to Museum London’s web properties in addition to facilitating deeper and more meaningful conversation on-site surrounding the displayed works.

Project Website

🌐 visiblestorage.ca

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