Mini Sagas

An exercise in brief story writing. 🩲

As part of my year-long project, 52 Weeks, I spent one whole week crafting a series of short stories. Called mini sagas, and inspired by Daniel Pink's 50 word challenge, I initially thought it would be an easy task.

I was wrong. Crafting succinct, meaningful, and clear narratives is a harder exercise that one might expect.

What follows are the mini sagas I came up with over the course of a single week.


I packed it in, called it quits. I ran. Nothing between my feet and ground, I ran, destination unknown. I ran to anywhere but here. A thousand miles away I realized it was the act of running, the journey itself; that was the destination. I had arrived, I was here.


Each day we walk by ignoring, forgetting. We look through them as if they aren't even there. Invisible they think. Acting as if we are better, we drink Starbucks, them, sometimes nothing for days. We forgot the reality of it all. Humans we be, each and every one of us.


I don’t want to write the next great novel I just want to do something memorable. Join the Circus they said. I accepted the call, it seemed like the only way to go. I wanted to be a scary clown, now I clean up after elephants. What a shitty job.


I sit here, behind glass and watch people walk by. Figuring out what makes them tick is hard. Most times I have no clue so I make up stories. Stories involving mysterious women and dinosaurs, not together, although that might be fun. After writing I feel better about myself again.


I don’t get it, sticky and light yet strong. Those 3M people sure are smart (and rich) all on one stupid idea. The way I operate I should be rich soon. What pisses me off is when tape is peeled off and the sticky stuff remains. Stupid 3M people. Losers.


She walks in, the world stops. She’s got looks that kill, I should know, they’ve killed me before. She is relentless yet reserved. On a mission she moves, eyes glued to her. With each step they tremble as if she holds their lives in her hands. She is in control.


I stopped walking and just stood. Looking up I became silent. People began to stare, crowds gathered. What felt like days was mere moments. I didn’t care, because at this spot, at the nexus, I began to understand. Things came together. I looked back down and started walking again. Resolved.