Stefan Hacking Reads

A 100% automated podcast. 🤖

Stefan Hacking Reads was a podcast where your friendly neighbourhood scientist read some of the most memorable words ever to be written on a page or spoken on the big screen.

Conceived at Pod Camp London 2012, I wanted to create a podcast that was completely automated because I could never commit to creating a traditional podcast. I didn’t want to have to take the time to record, edit, post and maintain an ongoing show. I decided to make use of some freely available tools and see what he could create.

Stephen Hacking Reads was 95% automated. Anyone could submit something they wanted Stefan Hacking to read and it was automatically converted and posted to the web. The content was moderated on a regular basis and submissions of questionable tastes that violate human rights or general ethics were removed.

The podcast utilized the following resources: JotForm, Dropplets, IFTTT, Dropbox and Apple’s Automator in addition to ID3 Editor, Transmit and Lame (to make lives easier).

The site style was based on the just plain theme from tumblr, the site ‘logo’ borrowed from MightyMag.org with social media icons from Alex Peattie.

The podcast is no longer in production.