17 Grand Ave.

2015–2019. Four years. One place.

Home is what we make of the people, experiences, environments, and things we invite to be close to us. Treat your living space like a museum, and you'll live in a museum. Create a welcoming space for neighbours, and your neighbours will come.

Live in your space, and you will live.

While there are certain elements that I'll never miss from my time spent at 17 Grand Ave, when I look back to this place I called my first home I can't help but to think about the various moments out of which memories formed.

The Normal School

VOTE — Eric Sheppard

Seismic Lines — Matthew Trueman

Hourly Rat(e)s — Rima Sater

Find Yourself Here — Lefty Smudges

Emotional Geography — Lefty Smudges

3D Film Audience — J. R. Eyerman