On Appreciating the Land which Surrounds Us

Thoughts on how a global pandemic can build community and connect us to the places we live. 🌾

With travel limited, and everyone staying closer to home these days, we need to think more about the importance of being connected to the regions which make up the places we call home. As lockdowns and quarantines begin to life we need to once again travel and explore— but not like we once were able to do.

The focus now will be on the hyper local and the regions we live within. Bike rides to-and-from our homes, day trips to places no more than an hour drive by car, and the re-discovery of everything that is directly in-front of us.

As we once again become acquainted with everything near that we’ve become disconnected from over time— the land which surrounds us —it will become more important to recognize everything that is offered to us within a short reach.