How Will You Measure Your Life? (2012) by Clayton M. Christensen

Having picked up this book based on a search for mentoring resources I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect but imagined it would be related, somewhat, to mentoring. It wasn’t. A poor attempt at combining a business book of best practices, with a self-help and family guidance/child rearing resource—this read was less than impressive or valuable. In trying to draw parallels between one’s personal and professional lives, it serves neither purpose particularly well. Additionally, near the end of the book the primary author, Christensen, begins to tote the importance of God and his particular brand of faith for providing meaning in life. This addition to the book seemed sloppily added. If one’s faith is an essential element in developing a perspective on life, and how to identify and find meaning, I would have hoped this would have been a central element found through the book. It was not. I can’t recommend this read.