How to Do Nothing (2020) by Jenny Odell (link)

This is, by far, one of the most important books I'll read this year and likely one of the ones I've consumed in recent years that I'll return to time and time again. Odell has a way of bringing together multiple artistic perspectives with topics such as philosophy, bio-regionalism, Indigenous understanding of being, technology, and bird watching. Combined, all of these things offer a take on space & place which I wasn't at all expecting when I opened this book. Touching on the importance of spatial and temporal context, or rather that the attention economy regularly lacks this element, helps to bring together a view that sometimes—more often than not—we need to simply be present in a space, observe, given back to places where it makes sense, and make it so that we do not easily exist in spaces that demand our attention without pushing back a little on such demands. This is a read that I will be purchasing a copy for my personal library so that I may re-read it on an annual basis.