From the Ashes: My Story of Being Métis, Homeless, and Finding My Way (2019) by Jesse Thistle

I can’t recall why I picked up this volume—it was likely a recommendation in The Globe and Mail—but I am thankful I did. This is an insightful into one man’s journey as a Métis Canadian, alcoholic, and drug addict, and the twists and turns presented to him throughout life. Although I do wish that the latter portion of the book wasn’t as rushed as it was, in how it uncovered the more recent experiences in the author’s life, this isn’t a fault that is unique to this work. Far too many of the books I read I feel don’t distribute their attention adequately enough across the entire spectrum of content. But I digress. This work but a Métis scholar is worth the read for anyone interested in starting to understand the various challenges that members of Canada’s Indigenous communities face as they navigate society.