Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals (2021) by Oliver Burkeman

What a wonderful read and fresh take on the concept of time-management. Focusing more on the broad, theoretical, and philosophical underpinnings of time and its sordid history; Four Thousand Weeks presents a premise that we've been concerned with managing our time in recent years for all of the wrong reasons and in all of the wrong ways. This book easily replaces Essentialism by Greg McKeown as an annual read on identifying what’s most important in life; it presents this idea more concisely and doesn’t come across as a horribly bad business book. While not a surprise, the idea of time as nothing more than a social construct is reaffirmed. This is the first getting things done (GTD) and productivity book I've come across that takes an honest look at the root of the problems surrounding productivity and work. This book is accessible, honest, and unpretentious. Unfortunately, it is a book where those who most in need of reading it will likely never crack its spine.