Book Ends: A Year Between the Covers (2010) by Naomi Beth Wakan (link)

Picked-up as part of a random collection of books at a book sale, I was hopeful that Wakan’s take on her year of reading would offer me some direction for what I have been trying to takeaway from my own reading efforts. However, this was hardly the case. Wakan’s own words sum up my feelings of her offerings very succinctly: “Every time I open a new book, I do so with almost breathless hope. Hope for what, I am not sure; but usually just after the middle of the book, my hope turns sour and I finish the book listlessly knowing that, yet once more, I have not found what I was seeking.” The only difference between her thought and my own process is that I couldn’t bring myself to finish this read—it was that un-fulfilling.